NOTE : This list is updated regularly by customer and user reports

Hello Dear Customers


Many of our customers send us email from different country that  FNXMINER  More expensive than other sites !

For example  many customer told us this 3 site is very cheap  ! ( site close with owner )

and  ( site close with owner ) 

or   ( site close with owner ) 


for please read this link  :



for antminersshop  please read this link  :





just there is one reason that why they give to you Cheap price and Unreasonable prices !


Because they are Scam


why  ?

for example first website :

1 :  they never accept PAYPAL for payment  !!!! ( just bitcoin  ) ! so you can not back money if have problem about shipping and … !

2 : ask them more info about Their website , they send for you a Certificate of registration in the UK : but its Just a Certificate  for Offshore company   and any person can register in UK with 50 GBP  !!!

3 :   after that they send you a Invoice  ( that ask you pay money to personal bank account , not company bank account    )  !


4 : if you ask them more info they give you a Shipping company website  + tracking code  and telling to you , you can check that we today  send an antminer  with post to our  customer  !!!

this website  :

if you as a customer see this website  probably believe everything 🙂

but Something is wrong 🙂

this Shipping company website   is fake ! how you can see this  : WHY ?

First  : There is no rating on the Internet, according to Alexa


Second  :

this Domain register 15 days ago  !!!!!! and Domain owner is same with name under PI  !!!!!!!!!!   🙂


for another website ( ) and ( www.asic-antminer.comconditions are the same like  . You can check yourself 🙂

FNXMINER one Companies are active and accredited in China  that try give to  customers best price and service  , We will always respect your safety and security in online shopping  .

We are only Antminer seller outside of Ebay that accept PayPal and our team always Support customer around the world with Online chat  / Email and …. ! 🙂